Trusting in God’s Timing (Esther 5-7)

Trusting in God’s Timing

Esther 5-7 (reading: Esther 5)

1: Our times are in God’s hands… (chapter 5)

2: …so we can trust in his timing (chapters 6-7)

3: Three ways we can remember to trust:

· God’s timing is always perfect

· Our ways are not God’s ways

· God always has the final say

Preacher: Stephen Young

When God seems Distant (Esther 1-4)

When God seems Distant

Esther 1-4

1: Esther is invitation to look for God’s hand at work

2: Trouble in Persian-Paradise leads to Esther’s rise… (Esther 1-2)

3: But an enemy threatens Genocide to God’s people (Esther 3-4)

4: God is always at work

Preacher: Stephen Young