Jesus: Do you Accept His Authority?

Jesus: Do You Accept His Authority?

Mark 2:13-3:35

Bible Reading: 2:13-3:6


 Jesus hates religion 


–       Mark gives us five examples


The gospel is ENTIRELY about Jesus… not religion! 


Some accept his authority; others don’t…


…what about you?

(Preacher: Steve YOUNG)

Jesus: His Authority and Priority (Mk1:14-2:17) (22 Oct)

Jesus: His Authority and Priority

Mark 1:14-2:17 (Bible Reading:1:21-38)


That is why I have come  – to preach 1:38

– his authority and his compassion

– his priority and his ‘problem’


That is why I have come – to call sinners 2:17

– his compassion and his authority

– his ‘problem’ and his priority


Hard-edged compassion

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Proclaiming The Truth About Jesus (Mark 1:1-20/16:1-8) (15 Oct 23)

Proclaiming The Truth About Jesus

Bible Reading: Mark 1:1-20 & 16:1-8

Mark’s Gospel…

… the proclamation of Jesus as King (1:1)


Jesus is proclaimed by:

  • Prophets: the King will come (1:2-3)
  • John: the King is coming (1:4-8)
  • God: the King is here (1:9-13)
  • Jesus: The Kingdom of God is here, repent (1:14-15)  
  • Us?    (16:8)


The right response to Jesus (1:16-20)


(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Gender: Speaking Truth in Love (8 Oct 2023 am)

Gender: Speaking Truth in Love

Bible Reading: Ephesians 4:17-24


Gender and Identity: What’s the issue?

What does the Bible Say?

How should truth, love and acceptance intersect, for us as Christians?

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Link to Patricia Weerakoon’s book and other stuff

Waiting for Christ’s return (2 Peter 3) 24 Sept 2023

Waiting for Christ’s return

2 Peter 3


Don’t listen to scoffing 



Christ’s return is delayed for a reason!


Therefore, live your lives knowing that Christ is coming



Trust the scriptures to be on guard against the errors of the world


(Preacher: Thom Herbert)