Church: Order and Worship (1 Cor 14) – NightChurch 26th Mar, 2023

Church: Order and Worship

(1 Corinthians 14)


The best thing we can do is build up the Church


Paul uses the Corinthians’ obsession with gifts to make this point clear (v. 12)


If we love and build in an ‘orderly way’, we reflect the nature of God himself

Preacher: Stephen Young

Trust and Prayer (Isaiah 36-39) 26 March 2023

Trust and Prayer

Isaiah 36-39 (Bible Reading 36-37:4)

Isaiah shows us the importance of trusting God.. 

.. by recounting two parallel situations

Two situations where trust led Hezekiah to pray

Hezekiah was not perfect, but he knew to pray.. 

.. do you?

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Church: Love (1 Cor 13) – NightChurch 19th Mar, 2023

Church: Love

(1 Corinthians 13)


What love isn’t…                            (vv. 1-3)


What love is…                                (vv. 4-6)


What love does…                          (v. 7)


How far love goes…                       (vv. 8-13)

Preacher: Stephen Young

Church: Gifts and the Body (1 Cor 12) – NightChurch 12th Mar, 2023

Church: Gifts and the Body

(1 Corinthians 12)

1. Recognise the Spirit’s work by expressing submission to Christ (1-3)

2. Serve as God’s gifted you, for the common good (4-11)

3. Realise your diversity’s a crucial part of Christ’s united body (12-20)

4. Share united concern by accommodating others’ diversity (21-26)

5. Eagerly desire gifts that build the body (27-31)

Preacher: Andreas Mayer

Learning to Trust (Isaiah 7:1-10:4) 12 March 2023

Learning to Trust

Isaiah 7:1-10:4

(Bible Reading 7:1-17)

The shape of these chapters:

  • 7:1-25 Isaiah speaks with King Ahaz
  • 8:1-9:7 Reflects on 7:1-25
  • 9:8-10:4 Describes the end of the Northern Kingdom

Look more closely at 7:1-25

  • Ahaz is in a messy situation (7:1-2 cf 2 Kings 16)
  • Isaiah tells Ahaz what God would have him do (7:3-9)
  • Ahaz refuses listen (7:10-12 cf 6:9-13)
  • Isaiah continues speaking – in signs (7:13-25)

Look a little more closely (v13-16 in particular)

Now stand back and look accross 7:1-10:4 again

What can we learn, from Isaiah, about living for God in our own real-life (often ‘messy’) situations?

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Here’s some of the isaiah 7-10 from Sunday

Freedom in the Church (1 Cor 11) – NightChurch 5th Mar, 2023

Freedom in the Church

(1 Corinthians 11:2-34)

This passage has a few tricky bits:

  • man/woman or husband/wife?
  • head coverings?
  • headship?

o angels (v. 10), and long hair on men? (v. 14)

So, we should start by looking at what we do know from the text:

  • We worship a God of order
  • There are God-given differences between men and women
  • Love builds up the church

Preacher: Stephen Young