We are a growing church – we are keen to grow as followers of Jesus, and to see others come to share our trust in Jesus. We are a Presbyterian church, but we welcome people from all church and non-churched backgrounds.

Recent News and Information:

Find Christ, Find Life – reading John’s Gospel

John’s Gospel is written to persuade us that Jesus is the Christ – so that by believing in Jesus we would find life.

John shows us signs that point to life (ch. 1-11).

He explains what life will be like as a follower of Jesus (ch. 12-17).

And we see Jesus make forgiveness and life possible – by dying and rising again (ch. 18-21).

We will be studying John’s Gospel at church in coming weeks… and we are already reading it in Growth Groups too.  You are welcome to join us… any week.

The Greatest Love Song!

The Song of Songs is a short book near the middle of the Old Testament which does not seem to receive a great deal of attention. Over four weeks we’ll see what it has to teach us about relationships, love and God.