Jesus: Just Believe (Mark 5:21-43) 19 Nov

Jesus: Just Believe?

Mark 5:21-43


Two examples of people learning to trust/believe …


A father who learned to trust Jesus’ power to give life to the dead


A woman who trusted Jesus to give peace when she was in despair


Mark challenges us to believe in Jesus too!



(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Jesus: Can You Trust His Authority? (Mark 4:35-5:20) 12 Nov

Jesus: Can You Trust His Authority?

Mark 4:35-5:20


What do you fear the most?


Mark shows us that Jesus has authority over EVERYTHING, including: 

–       outward storms (4:35-41)

–       inward storms (5:1-20)

–       and even death itself


…which leads people to fear him! 
                               (4:41, 5:15, 5:33, 5:42)


What would you do if you saw God?

(Preacher: Steve Young)

Jesus: Are you listening to Him? (Mk 4:1-34) 5 Nov

Jesus: Are You Listening to Him?

Mark 4:1-34 (Reading 4:1-20)


 Have you heard this parable before? 


                        …be careful not to switch off! (vv. 3, 9)


Here’s how…

1: Lean into Jesus (v. 10)

2: Grow in Jesus (v. 20)

3: Don’t expect spiritual realities to be simple… (v. 11)

4: Be assured that God changes hearts! (vv. 26-29)

(Preacher: Steve Young)