Freedom and its Dangers (1 Cor 10) – NightChurch 26th Feb, 2023

Freedom and its Dangers

(1 Corinthians 10:1-11:1)

Reading 1 Cor 10:23-11:1

The dangers of abusing our freedom… (an example from history!)

We do not have freedom to sin…

…but God is faithful (v. 13), and will help us live for him

Preacher: Stephen Young

Who Do You Trust? Isaiah 2:6-4:6 (26 Feb)

Who Do You Trust?

Isaiah 2:6-4:6

(Reading 2:6-22)

God has a vision… (1:1-2:5)

… that focuses on ‘the Day of the LORD’ (2:6-4:6)

Isaiah gives a ‘poetic’ summary of what will happen ‘in that day’ (2:6-22)

The conclusion and application are in the last verse of the summary (2:22)

So, who are you putting your trust in?

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Freedom to Restrict Ourselves (1 Cor 9) – NightChurch 19th Feb, 2023

Freedom to Restrict Ourselves

(1 Corinthians 9)

Reading 1 Cor 9:13-26

For Paul, running the race means giving up his own rights…

…because he would rather do this, than hinder the gospel of Christ

Where are you running ‘aimlessly’?

Preacher: Stephen Young

Church: And Generosity (2 Cor 7:13-9:5.. esp 8:7)

Church: And Generosity

Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 7:13b-9:5

Think about what ‘generosity’ is… and isn’t.. as we consider the topic of Church and money.

Church, money… and the Bible

Some principles from 2 Corinthians

Let’s be a church that excels in everything… including the grace of giving (2 Cor 8:7)

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Church: What We Are Doing

Church: What We Are Doing

Bible Reading: Hebrews 10:1-25

(and Ephesians 4:11-16)

  1. As a Church we encourage each other to keep living with Jesus as our Lord and Saviour (Hebrews 10)
  2. We’re all involved (Ephesians 4)
  3. We are a Bible teaching Church that seeks to grow followers of Jesus

we each want to:

grow in knowing Jesus,

grow in living for Jesus, and

grow in making Jesus known

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)