Are You Seeing Jesus Clearly? (Luke 9:28-56)


Luke 9:28-56

1. After 14 weeks in Luke’s Gospel, are you seeing Jesus clearly?

2. The disciples show us that literally ‘seeing’ Jesus doesn’t guarantee that we truly see him.

3. A good place to start is to ‘listen to him’ (v.35)

Preacher: Steve Young

Missing the signs of Jesus’ Kingdom (Luke 9:1-17)

Missing The Signs of Jesus’ Kingdom?

Luke 9:1-17

1. Why has Luke included this section in his Gospel?

i. Jesus commissions 12 to proclaim the kingdom (1-6)
ii. The only response Luke shares – is confused (7-9)
iii. And on their return the 12 appear no wiser (10-14)
iv. Jesus shows yet another sign of his kingdom (15-17)

2. What are we to make of this?

Preacher: Steve Blencowe

Signs of Jesus’ Kingdom (Luke 8:22-56)

Signs of Jesus’Kingdom

Luke 8:22-56 (reading 22-39)

1. Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God (8:1)

2. He does miracles along the way
..8:22-25 – restoring order in nature
..8:26-39 – restoring an exiled Gentile
..8:43-48 – restoring an excluded woman
..8:40-42, 49-56 – restoring life in a place of death

3. Jesus’ miracles give a taste of the Kingdom of God which he proclaims

4. Do you have ears to hear the message of the Kingdom of God? (8:8b)

Preacher: Steve Blencowe