Only God gives true meaning and purpose (Ecclesiastes) 23 April

Only God Gives True Meaning & Purpose

Ecclesiastes 1-3 & 12 (Reading: 1:1-2:3)


1.    The frustrating and futile search for ‘meaning’ in a 

life without God


       The conclusion at the beginning

                   “everything is meaningless”


       The conclusion after various tests

                   “everything is meaningless”




2.    It is God who gives true meaning and significance to all we do


       The burden …


       The conclusion at the end

                   “Fear God and keep His commands”




3. Some implications:


The ‘Problem’ of Suffering (Job) 16 April 2023


Job 1-42 (Reading: Chapter 1)

1. The pain of suffering – Job’s suffering (Job chapters 1-3)

2. ‘Foolish’ attempts to answer the unanswerable question – why me? (Job chapters 4-37)

Life is a mystery to us – so if we try too hard to know why things happen we’ll end up getting it wrong. And getting it wrong only hurts more.

3. The ‘wise’ response to pain and suffering! (Job chapters 38-42)

The wise person can’t necessarily explain why everything happens, but the wise person will want to know God and to trust Him, because God knows why things happen, and He can be trusted.

4. If only Job had a friend who could understand (Hebrews 4:14-16)

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

The Foolishness of the Cross (1 Cor 1:18-2:5) Good Friday 2023

The Foolishness of the Cross 

1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5 & Luke 23:35-43



Why preach an unpopular message?




Because it’s the most crucial event in human history



The cross highlights:


–       The seriousness and severity of our rejection of God




–       Our inability find God on our own terms




–       Jesus’ death in our place, as the only answer


(Preacher: Steve Young)





Like the thief, you can be forgiven and saved through Jesus’ sacrifice in your place…



…will you accept this unpopular message?

Tremble at His Word (Isaiah 66) (2 April 2023)

Tremble at His Word

Isaiah 66


 The conclusion of the vision of transformation (1:1) 



What God wants is people who are humble, contrite and tremble at His word…                       (66:2)



  …and that is what God will ultimately have  



We’re either in or we’re out…

                                                            …are you in?


(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)