Jesus Changes Us (Luke 6:12-49)

Jesus Changes Us

Luke 6:12-49

Followers of Jesus build on firm foundations (46-49)

We expect to change…

  • in what we value (20-26)
  • in how we love (27-36)
  • in how we view others (37-42)

It is a change that begins in our heart (43-45)

How firm are your foundations?

Preacher: Steve Blencowe

Jesus Changes Everything (Luke 5:33-6:11)

Jesus Changes Everything

Luke 5:33-6:11

Luke’s orderly account has shown Jesus’ authority, his compassion, his purpose…

Now Luke includes three incidents that show growing opposition to Jesus

  • the question of fasting and a parable (5:33-39)
  • picking grain on the Sabbath (6:1-5)
  • healing on the Sabbath (6:6-11)

Can you see that Jesus changes everything?

But opposition to Jesus continues!

Preacher: Steve Blencowe

Jesus goes ‘fishing’ (Luke 5:1-16)


Luke 5:1-16

Luke has shown us Jesus’ baptism, temptation, teaching, miracles and now…

  • a fishing miracle which shows Simon he’s a sinner – unworthy of being in God’s presence (v1-10)
  • and a miracle that shows Jesus restore an outcast considered unworthy of being in God’s presence (v12-16)

Jesus says Simon will do a different kind of ‘fishing’ (v10-11)

So, what does all that mean for us?

Preacher: Steve Blencowe

Jesus’ Miracles (or is it his authority?) (Luke 4:31-44

JESUS’ MIRACLES (Or is it Jesus’ Authority?)

Luke 4:31-44

Luke has shown us Jesus’ baptism, temptation, teaching and now Jesus’ miracles

Jesus did various miracles in Capernaum:

  • v33-37 freed a man oppressed by a demon
  • v38-39 and a woman suffering from a fever
  • v40 healed individuals from various kinds of sickness
  • v41 and cast out demons from many

But what Luke wants us to see if Jesus’ amazing authority……

and Jesus’ priority

How do YOU respond to Jesus’ authority and his priority?

Preacher: Steve Blencowe