God’s Justice (Genesis 6-7) NightChurch 27th Aug


Genesis 6-7

(Reading: Genesis 6:5-22)

The downward spiral of sin continues! So God judges the world

He waited patiently in the days of Noah… and is patient now

BUT just like the Flood…

…the final day of judgment WILL come

(Preacher: Stephen Young)

With All Your Heart (Deuteronomy 6-11) 27 August

With All Your Heart

Deuteronomy 6-11 (Reading: ch 6)


“Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul…”  

(4:29, 6:5, 10:12, 11:13, 13:4, 26:16, 30:2,6,10)


Implications for Old Covenant Israel, as the LORD God brought them into the land of Canaan, 


Implications for New Covenant Christians?


Deuteronomy – three ‘sermons’ from Moses

1.     a history lesson (chapters 1-4)

2.     Gods law’s and decrees (chapters 5-28)

3.     looking to the future (chapters 29-30)

transition from Moses to Joshua (chapters 31-34)


Life and Death (Genesis 4-5) NightChurch 20th August


Genesis 4-5

(Reading: Genesis 4)

Eve gives birth…

Is this the one who will crush the serpent’s head??

Unfortunately, not! The problem of sin spreads further…

– Cain murders his brother

– Lamech follows in Cain’s footsteps (4:23-24)

Eve gives birth again…

This time, her offspring begin to proclaim the name of the LORD (4:26)

(Preacher: Stephen Young)

A Political Promise We Can Trust? (2 Sam7) 13 August

A Political Promise We Can Turst?

2 Samuel 7


1.    David wants to build a house for God (v1-7)


2.    But God promises to build a house (dynasty) for David! (v8-17) 


3.    A quick look at David’s response (v18-29)


4.    So how is this promise fulfilled?

(Preacher: Lawrence Claire)

Disaster in Eden (Genesis 3) NightChurch 13th Aug


Genesis 3

The pursuit of WISDOM, ironically, leads to the most FOOLISH act in human history…

• The serpent attacks God’s Word (v. 1)

• Eve doubts God’s Word (v. 2)

• Adam completely ignores God’s Word (v. 6)

But there’s HOPE…

• The serpent will be crushed (v. 15)

• God’s judgment is death… but Eve becomes the mother of the living (v. 20)

• A NEW Adam has come…

Preacher: Stephen Young

God’s Masterpiece: Humanity (Genesis 2:4-25) NightChurch 7th August


Genesis 2:4-25

Chapter two zooms in on the garden…

…showing that we were created:

– in God’s image

– male and female

– to jointly rule over creation, and

– to enjoy the presence of God

But this chapter of Genesis also leaves hints that sin will soon break these things…

Preacher: Stephen Young

The LORD is God, there is no other – Deut 4:1-40 (6th August)

The LORD is God, there is no other

Deuteronomy 4:1-40 (Reading v23-40)


The Lord is God – there is no other  v39

  • God who is ‘a jealous God’ v24

  • God who is a ‘merciful God’ v31


Listen to the Lord your God


(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)