Feeling Forsaken (Good Friday – Psalm 22), 15th April, 2022 (Andrew Brown)

1. Feeling forsaken

2. A Psalm of David

3. A prayer for help (vv.1-21a)

a. Cry of desperation (vv.1-2)

b. …to a holy and faithful God (vv.3-5)

c. …by a despised and mocked man (vv.6-8)

d. …remembering God’s past care (vv.9-11)

e. …from real enemies (vv.12-21a)

4. Praise for deliverance (vv.21b-31)

a. …among the people of God (vv.21b-26)

b. …to the ends of the earth (vv.27-29)

c. …for all generations (vv.30-31)

5. Not forsaken by Jesus

Preacher (Andrew Brown)