Jesus’ Teaching: Christian Ambition (Matthew 6:19-34) Morning Church

Jesus’ Teaching: Christian Ambition

Matthew 6:19-34

Home is where the heart is…

Remember where home is…

  • where your treasure is, there you heart is (19-21)
  • ambition reveals your heart (22-23)
  • you can’t serve two masters (24)

… and you won’t have a worry in the world

  • food, drink and clothes…
  • worrying doesn’t help (v25-27)
  • God cares (v28-30)
  • remember where your home is! (v31-34)

Where is your home?

Youth Group Notes

What is ONE thing that’s interesting from today’s sermon, one question to keep thinking about and one thing to pray about?

  1. Interesting:
  2. Question:
  3. Pray: