KPC began as a church plant in January 2006. We are a part of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland – a mainstream denomination.

We are a Bible teaching Church that seeks to grow followers of Jesus. We each aim to grow in knowing Jesus, grow in living for Jesus and grow in making Jesus known.

We encourage everyone to be actively involved in church, but there are also people that have been given particular roles.

We have volunteers who teach KPC Kids, lead Youth Group, run Growth Groups, play music, sing, take care of morning tea, organise dinner, setup for church, welcome… the list goes on and on.

As a Presbyterian Church we also have Ministers, Elders and a Committee of Management .


Minister: Steve Blencowe

Steve and Lyndel and their family helped start KPC and are keen to see more healthy, growing, Bible teaching churches across Brisbane. Before moving to Kenmore they served at Acacia Ridge Presbyterian Church – where Steve was the Assistant Minister. Steve trained for two years in the Ministry Training Strategy (at St. Matthias / UNSW) before completing four years at Moore College (and further study since). Steve is originally from Adelaide, grew up in Bangladesh, India, and Sydney but now calls Brisbane home! He was once an Engineer.

Assistant Minister: Stephen Young

In January 2024 Steve Young ‘graduated’ from KPC and moved to The Branch Christian Church in Launceston!

Student Ministers

Thom Herbert grew up attending KPC before moving to Cairns for work for several years. While away, he completed a ministry apprenticeship at Cairns Presyterian Church, and then moved back to Brisbane to continue training for ministry at Queensland Theological College in 2022. Toward the end of his first year of study he became a PCQ candidate. 

Thom and Alison married in 2022. Alison has also completed a ministry traineeship and will begin study at QTC in 2023. 

Andreas Mayer did a ministry apprenticeship with UQ Evangelical Students, and is now studying at QTC, with the hope of working in university ministry after he graduates.  He loves his wife Monique, board games, and helping non-Christians investigate Jesus for themselves so they can know and trust him.  He has a Lutheran background and is always up for chatting theology.


Rodney, Rob (Session Clerk), David, Steve (Minister/teaching Elder) and Riaan make up our Session (that is, our Elders).

Committee of Management

James, Ian, Annette, Meredith, Grant (not pictured), Libby (Secretary) and Keith (Treasurer) serve as our Committee of Management. They take care of financial and property matters.

Why not visit?

There’s only so much you can put on a website, and nothing can replace meeting in person – so please do drop in one Sunday.

Financially support KPC

We do not pass-the-plate at Morning Church or at NightChurch. If you would like to financially support KPC you’ll find the account details in the REGULARS area of this site.