Psalm 4

The Heading Addressing God (v1) Addressing the interruptions (vv2-5) from lie-chasers (vv2-3) from ceiling-starers (vv4-5) Addressing God, cont’d (vv6-8)
Why are you doing this? 1 Peter 2:4-12 Who he is (vv4, 6-8) Who we are (vv5, 9-10) Who we’re to be (vv11-12) Declaring the praises of Jesus
The Resurrection Hope Bible Reading – Acts 2:29-31, 4:1-4, 17:29-32, 23:6-8, 24:10-16, 28:17-20 1. Our self-centred hope in the resurrection? 2. Resurrection in Acts The hope of Israel Jesus’ resurrection…