Your great plan, or God’s? (Genesis 10-12)

Your great plan, or God’s? (Genesis 10-12)

Passage: 11:1-10
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Your Great Plan, or God’s?

Genesis 10-12

(Reading 11:1-9 & 12:1-5)


1.  The Sons of Noah fill the earth…

…but don’t spread out over it


2. They dream of unity and power…

… but not on God’s terms


3.  God has a better plan …


4. Are you living your plan, or God’s?




The shape of Genesis

The story of creation(2:4)

Genealogy of Adam (5:1)

The story of Noah(6:9)

Genealogy of Noah’s sons (10:1)

Genealogy of Shem (11:10)

The story of Abraham(11:27)

Genealogy of Ishmael (25:12)

The story of Isaac(25:19)

Genealogy of Esau (36:1, 9)

The story of Jacob(37:2)