Why me? (Job)

Why me? (Job)

Passage: Job 1
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Bible Text: Job 1 | Preacher: Steve Blencowe | Series: Job 2019 | Why Me?
Job 1-42

(Bible reading – Job 1)

The pain of suffering – Job’s suffering (Job chapters 1-3)


Foolish attempts to answer the unanswerable question – why me? (Job chapters 4-37)

life is a mystery to us – so if we try too hard to know why things happen we’ll end up getting it wrong. And getting it wrong only hurts more.

The wise response to pain and suffering! (Job chapters 38-42)

the wise person can’t necessarily explain why everything happens, but the wise person will want to know God and to trust Him, because God knows why things happen, and He can be trusted.


If only Job had a friend who could understand  (Hebrews 4:14-16)