Religious or Real (Zechariah 7-8)

Passage: Zechariah 7-8
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Bible Text: Zechariah 7-8 | Preacher: Steve Blencowe | Series: Zechariah 2019 | RELIGIOUS OR REAL?
Zechariah 7-8

(Bible Readings Zechariah 7:1-13, 8:14-23)

1. A question: “Should we continue fasting?” (7:1-3)

2. A very long answer in four words from the LORD:
1st word: exposes their sinful hearts (7:4-7)
2nd word: warns against the mistake of past generations – outward religion (7:8-14)
3rd word: God has not abandoned His covenant. He is now returning to dwell in Jerusalem (8:1-17)
4th word: their fasts will turn to feasts in the future, people from all nations will join in (8:18-23)
3. God’s Kingdom, Zechariah, Jesus and us…
Are we making the same mistake as the people of Zechariah’s day?
Jesus fulfils Zechariah 8!

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