It’s all part of the plan (Daniel 10-12)

It’s all part of the plan (Daniel 10-12)

Passage: Daniel 10-12
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It’s all part of the plan!

Daniel 10-12

(Reading 10:1- 8, 12:5-13)


  1. Don’t be put-off by this ‘strange’ part of the Bible


  1. Consider Daniel’s point of view (and remember all we’ve read in chapters 1-9)

- Daniel is given a look ‘behind the scenes’

- at what will happen to ‘his people’ (10:14)

- and told to patiently continue to the end (12:13)

  1. Perhaps consider the historical perspective


  1. But take to heart our Christian perspective

- this vision shows again that God is sovereign

- and God is working to a plan

- so we patiently continue to the end…