God’s Faithfulness (Genesis 37-50)

God’s Faithfulness (Genesis 37-50)

Passage: Genesis 37-50
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God’s Faithfulness in the mess of life

Genesis 37-50


The promise of the ‘serpent-crusher’…

                                         …is under threat!

But God is faithful: He has a plan to fulfil his promises

So where is the ‘serpent-crusher’?


The shape of Genesis

The story of creation(2:4)

                        Genealogy of Adam (5:1)

The story of Noah(6:9)

                        Genealogy of Noah’s sons (10:1)

                        Genealogy of Shem (11:10)

The story of Terah(11:27)

                        Genealogy of Ishmael (25:12)

The story of Isaac(25:19)

                        Genealogy of Esau (36:1, 9)

The story of Jacob(37:2)