A King After God’s Own Heart? (1 Kings 1)

A King After God’s Own Heart? (1 Kings 1)

Passage: 1 Kings 1
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A king after God's own heart?

1 Kings 1
(Reading 1 Kings 1:1-27)

None of this is clear-cut, it’s messy and ambiguous. We’re told about:

1. The pathetic end of the King after God’s heart

2. The proud heart of a potential successor

3. And the desperate pragmatism that preserved God’s plans

4. It’s a murky mess – but very real and all too familiar!

Required reading:
- Deut 17:14ff Instructions regarding kings
- 2 Sam 7 God’s promise to David
Some other important details
- Gen 12:1ff God’s promise to bless all nations through Abraham
- 1 Sam 8 The people ask for a king
- 1 Sam 13:13ff David will be a king after the LORD’s own heart
- 2 Sam 11 David, Bathsheba and Uriah
- 2 Sam 12(v13,25) David’s repentance & God’s love for Solomon