Living by God’s Word is the Priority (Ezra 3)

Living by God’s Word is the Priority

Ezra 3

In Ezra 3 the people prioritise living by God’s word..

.. and the temple plays an important part

God is still working to the same plan

.. but His temple looks a little different

Our priority should still be – to live by God’s word

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Christ Divided (1 Cor 1:1-17) – NightChurch

Christ Divided

1 Corinthians 1:1-17

1: Unity troubles plague the Corinthian Church

2: Paul reminds the Corinthians of who they are in Christ

3: Three truths about Jesus which help our unity…

– Christ is Whole

– Christ was crucified for you

– Christ is your Lord

Preacher: Stephen Young

God’s Word IS Powerful (Ezra 1-2)

God’s Word is Powerful

Ezra 1-2

(reading: chapter 1)

We all have times when we wonder why anyone would live for God. But this part of God’s word shows:

  1. God is unfailingly faithful
  2. And God is supremely sovereign

That’s two truths we also see in the Gospel of Jesus

So, let’s keep learning to live by the word of our powerful God

(Preacher: Steve Blencowe)

Trusting in God’s Timing (Esther 5-7)

Trusting in God’s Timing

Esther 5-7 (reading: Esther 5)

1: Our times are in God’s hands… (chapter 5)

2: …so we can trust in his timing (chapters 6-7)

3: Three ways we can remember to trust:

· God’s timing is always perfect

· Our ways are not God’s ways

· God always has the final say

Preacher: Stephen Young