Kids Club 17-19 December

Follow the Clues

Kids Club is a fun way to start the Christmas school holidays. We’ll have games, craft, drama, songs and lots of fun – all with a ‘Detective’ theme. We’ll follow the clues and find out more about Jesus.

The program is for Primary School aged children (including Prep).

It all happens in the school hall at Kenmore South State School.

8:45am – 12:30pm

Monday 17th December,

Tuesday 18th December,

Wednesday 19th December, and

If you have questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Find Christ, Find Life – reading John’s Gospel

John’s Gospel is written to persuade us that Jesus is the Christ – so that by believing in Jesus we would find life.

John shows us signs that point to life (ch. 1-11).

He explains what life will be like as a follower of Jesus (ch. 12-17).

And we see Jesus make forgiveness and life possible – by dying and rising again (ch. 18-21).

We will be studying John’s Gospel at church in coming weeks… and we are already reading it in Growth Groups too.  You are welcome to join us… any week.