Jeremiah at Church

Understanding the message of Jeremiah helps us appreciate the gospel of Jesus.

The book of Jeremiah tells of the end of Israel but the continuation of God’s people, the breaking of a covenant and the coming of a new covenant.  We learn about the reality and the certainty of God’s just judgement. We also hear a message of hope for all who would listen and repent.

Easter Service Times

Our Easter Service times are:

Good Friday – 9:00am, Kenmore South State School

Easter Sunday – 9:30am, Kenmore South State School

Easter Sunday – 5:30pm, at Kenmore Uniting Church


Visitors are always welcome at church with us.

Mark’s Gospel at Church

We have begun working through Mark’s Gospel at Church and in Growth Group.  And at NightChurch we will also consider a few of the topics/themes which Mark raises.

Mark wrote his gospel to tell us the good news about Jesus, the Son of God. That makes Mark’s Gospel a great book to read with a friend – so that they get to meet Jesus too.